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Roulette Secrets and Cheating Methods

Ever wondered if it is possible to cheat at roulette? Then read roulette secrets. Here you'll find the most spread methods of roulette cheating.

Roulette secrets If you are an online roulette player, forget about cheating; it doesn't exist there. In actual casinos, on the other hand, it would be rare for cheating attempts to appear in roulette, but methods do exist that you should know about.

Should You Cheat?

The risks that come with cheating at this game isn't worth any possible rewards, that's for sure. Even if ways appear with which you can play the table in your favour, the house will soon find out about your fake lucky run and you could get unlucky in turn (read: you might get send out of the casino). See, if somebody wins a lot at a casino, he will get studied very carefully and any cheating method will be discovered soon thereafter.

The Available Methods of Cheating

Back in the day, three areas of cheating at roulette existed. First, wheel tampering could be done; secondly, ball work could be done; and lastly, switching table bets could be done. All of these cheating techniques require fast hands, not to mention several inside connections.

In history, cheating at this game involved rigging the wheel with magnets, which the dealer would control. Because a steel ball was used, it was possible to steer it into the required slot that way. Magnets could be placed into slots, as well, so that the ball would get attracted to it. This type of cheating at roulette could either be done by the player or the dallier, provided they had very fast hands. This kind of cheating is never attempted in roulette nowadays, though.

For individual players to rig the ball and the wheel, somebody was needed inside. Because there are obvious risks, it was far more common that casinos tampered with the balls and tables after hours. With the help of sticky material, some slots could turn into very steady winners. Sometimes, holes were also made in the balls, so the dealer could steer it away from placed table bets.

Players with extremely fast fingers can also cheat when it comes to roulette as the dealer looks away. This needs to be executed as the ball drops, though. If a lot of players are gathered around the roulette table, all of the chaos might distract the dealer since he has to look at the ball and the wheel at the same time. The majority of players will look at the ball and the wheel and might not notice several fast fingers moving bets elsewhere, though several people might remember seeing a different table in the beginning.

Again, lots of security exists at casinos and they watch the tables, so trying this would be completely pointless.